Abyangha is a form of massage reaching to all the internal organs and tissues, and whilst being very soothing and comforting, it allows the detoxifying process to take place to a far greater degree than is often understood or recognised.


2 Days


9am – 4pm



De-toxification or purification is about removing toxins and those matters that obstruct the proper and effective functioning of not only the physical organs and tissues but also of the mind/emotions. Often times we suffer due to the inability to understand or accept the mental/emotional state we are put in or put ourselves in. Situations and words uttered by close ones, when not understood or clarified, causing confusion and hurt, become unforgiving and painful, progressively leading to resentment and even hatred but yet one seems unable or unwilling to do anything about this situation. This leads to major imbalances of the mind/emotions. Though one can consider they are living a ‘good life’ but, with such subtle issues unrecognized or one unwilling to recognize them, this will eventually cause some form of dis-ease to manifest. This dis-ease can be of any nature, depending on the Dosha and ‘Lifestyle’ of the individual.

You will begin to see that toxins are also formed through the mind and emotions. During the process of Ayurvedic massage, the application of herbal and special oil combined with the deep strokes and heat is applied and causes stubborn toxins to move from the subtle areas of the mind and emotions. Deep-seated mental/emotional pains and issues, left unattended or even forgotten, but still ‘there’ will ‘move’ with this kind of massage. When this happens, the patient-client will start to realize this process and will want to shed these negative feelings. Some may experience this in the form of crying or sadness or heaviness. When this passes one feels very relieved as if a burden has been lifted resulting in feeling lighter.

Mental/emotional issues can include a million matters and for each person one may be more important than the other. Ayurvedic massage is called ‘Snehana’ meaning love and compassion. It allows one to experience the deep and natural feeling of love of One’s Self and respect for those around. When toxins begin to move in massage, one must allow the various feelings to be experienced and not denied. If one denies such experiences, then one is not allowing the toxins to be removed.

The course program includes:

  • Confirmation of the fundamental structure and function of anatomical systems
  • Applying relaxation massage techniques to achieve general relaxation and balancing
  • Traditional therapeutic Ayurveda massage with medicated oils
  • Rhythmical strokes that help to improve energy, lymphatic flow, blood circulation, skin texture, and restores equanimity to the body