An Indian Bazaar

“Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food.” Learn about Ayurvedic nutrition and food combinations that empower health and digestion.
Join us for the third instalment of the World Traveller Series as we explore the rich history of traditional Ayurvedic cooking.  Participants will create an Indian feast using ingredients such as coconut, cumin, coriander and cardamon.

This class includes a relaxed, delicious meal and a healing walk around the meandering grounds of Ayurveda Village. As a participant, you will enjoy the fruits of your creative labour and share the meal prepared by the group. You will also learn about Ayurvedic constitutions, take home recipes, tips and treats!

Inspired by principles of authentic Ayurvedic cooking & nutrition, join Vahid Chittleborough (the Legal Chef!) as he ignites the senses on this culinary journey across the globe with this extensive series of cooking classes.  This series of cooking classes is the culmination of Vahid’s culinary adventures and cultural expeditions. Participants will enjoy a memorable day as they combine flavours and cooking that incorporates Ayurvedic nutrition principles. Walk the modern lifestyle with practical feet as you learn to prepare delicious meals that help create balance and vitality.



1 Day


10am – 3pm


Three options:

$125 per person, per class.

$210 per person, for 2 classes of your choice.

Package any class with an initial Ayurvedic consultation with Vaidya Shweta and a treatment of your choice for an additional $150.00. Gift vouchers available.

Presented by Vahid Chittleborough

Vahid is a talented cook, instructor and devotee of epicurean delights the world around.

A Barrister by profession, Vahid is equally passionate about developing and applying his culinary skills. He has cooked at international cooking competitions, demonstrated at cooking classes and informally cooked in some of Adelaide’s leading restaurants.

He has lived and worked in Australia, the British West Indies and Israel, and travelled through different parts of Asia and the sub-continent, Europe, and the Americas.  These experiences have given Vahid extensive opportunity to cook alongside professional chefs across the globe, and to develop a deep appreciation of Ayurvedic cooking principles as they apply to a variety of cuisines.

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic science of healing, offers a logical approach for determining correct diet based upon the element comprising an individual’s constitution: vata, pitta and kapha. The approach is quite different from the contemporary view of balanced diet, based on eating from various food groups. Each food substance has a specific taste. The moment a substance touches the tongue, the first experience is the taste. Taste is a very important quality and energy that has a direct effect in bodily doshas.

The ancient Vedic culture approached food with great reverence. The handling of each food item completely reflects its vital power and taste. Approach each food item with a respect for the universal intelligence. The natural grain of each vegetable will tell you how it is to be cleaned and cut.