Ayurveda Cooking Class

Ayurveda cooking classes adelaide

Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Duration: 4hrs

Your investment: $150

Learn How To Prepare & Cook Delicious & Nutritious Vegetarian Meals

Food and nutrition is a significant part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle and can profoundly affect your health and wellbeing. Our Ayurvedic cooking class is a feast for your eyes and tastebuds and provides a comprehensive introduction to practical and theoretical aspects of Ayurvedic cooking. Ayurveda Village advocates a vegetarian diet, so the dishes we cook are plant-based.

Food You & Your Body Will Enjoy

You will be taken on a culinary and cultural exploration journey where you’ll learn how to stock your pantry, tailor your diet to suit your constitution (dosha) and how to use specific herbs and spices to create nutritious food that you and your body will enjoy.

Provides The Skills, Confidence & Knowledge To Cook Ayurvedic Foods

Our Ayurvedic cooking workshop is designed to be a fun and hands-on experience which will give you the skills, confidence and knowledge to prepare and cook a range of delicious ayurvedic meals and herbal infusions, so you can live the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

What does the package include?

  • Introduction to the spiritual aspects of the Ayurvedic diet and the different types of Ayurvedic foods (Sattvic, Tamasic and Rajasic).
  • Understanding of the science of a balanced diet according to different constitutional types (doshas).
  • Introduction to the healing properties of herbs and to use them to boost your immunity, promote gut health and upgrade your nutrition.
  • How to make a masala box filled with common spices used in Ayurvedic cooking, so you always have healing herbs on hand.
  • Hands-on cooking workshop where you will learn to cook an Ayurvedic meal including rice, dal, flat bread and how to make different variations of these foods. We’ll also show you how to prepare vegetables, salad, chutney, spiced buttermilk and herbal infusions so you cook delicious and nutritious Ayurvedic food at home.
  • Lunch – you get to enjoy all of the different foods and infusions you’ve cooked and prepared.
  • Recipe booklet from the day.
Ayurveda cooking classes adelaide
Ayurveda cooking classes adelaide
Ayurveda cooking classes adelaide

Schedule for Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

  • Sat 29 June 2024 10AM - 2PM

Ayurvedic Cooking Class – Workshop Booking Policy:

  • Pre-payment in full is required at the time of booking.
  • Day retreats are subject to minimum numbers. We reserve the right to contact you and amend retreat dates, should this be necessary.
  • Payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to another date or another person within a 12-month period (fees may apply).
Ayurveda cooking classes adelaide
Ayurveda cooking classes adelaide

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