Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments

Ayurveda Village – Our Story

Ayurveda Village was established in 2015 by Katina Jones, the owner and founder of Aspects of Healing and EQUALS International. Following her son’s serious motorbike accident back in 2004, Katina witnessed first-hand the truly profound effect that complementary therapies had on healing, and opened a holistic, integrative healing centre in central Adelaide called Aspects of Healing.

Creating a Healing Sanctuary

It was here that she identified the need to create a healing sanctuary – a beautiful, peaceful, healing space, surrounded by nature where people could get away from the stresses and strains of daily life and focus on self-care and healing. Katina’s vision was to develop a healing space that was like ‘heaven on earth’, a sanctuary full of beauty and peace where everything and everyone was in tune with nature.

Inspired by her visits to India and seeing how Ayurveda had transformed both her life and the lives of many patrons of Aspects of Healing, the Ayurveda Village was born.

Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments

Where Nature & Wellness Converge

Whilst fully operational, Ayurveda Village is still in its early stages of development. It is positioned on twelve acres of beautiful land, nestled in the Adelaide Hills.  The site is surrounded by stunning gum trees, lush gardens, a heart-shaped labyrinth, healing walks and tranquil outdoor spaces designed for meditation and contemplation at one with nature and the environment.

However, our vision is still evolving, and we currently have planning approval to create the sanctuary we have always dreamed of with water features, fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, yoga areas and stunning, but simple accommodation pods designed to foster reflection, tranquillity and reverence. For more details please see The Future of Ayurveda Village Page.

Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments

Ayurveda – A Blueprint for Health & Longevity

Ayurveda is not just about massages and treatments. The ultimate purpose of Ayurveda is self-realisation, it is a lifestyle philosophy that offers a blueprint for living a life of balance, harmony and inner peace. It identifies your constitutional body type (Prakriti) and offers a complete lifestyle plan structured around you and your body type including treatments, yoga, a daily routine, self-care practices, herbal remedies, nourishing sattvic food, nutrition and spiritual guidance that can allow you to heal, thrive and create optimal health and longevity.  

‘When the vessel is clean the spirit rises’

Katina Jones

Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments

Ayurveda Village’s Mission

To raise the human spirit and empower our guests to take control of their health, wellbeing and life by reconnecting with their true self and inner purpose.

Ayurveda Village’s Vision

To become a leading provider of holistic health and wellness retreats, by delivering Ayurvedic and Yoga Retreats in a serene, loving, nurturing and healing environment where individuals can find balance, harmony, spiritual alignment and new levels of wellbeing.

Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments

Ayurveda Village’s Values


We believe in treating the whole person – the mind, body, and spirit and to get to the root cause of any ailments. Our philosophy encompasses not only physical healing but also emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


We honour the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and apply them to the modern world. We embrace all aspects of the Ayurvedic lifestyle including Ayurvedic treatments, sattvic foods, yoga, breathwork, meditation and spiritual counselling to deliver an authentic and enriching experience for our guests.


Ayurveda recognises that each individual is unique, with their own specific needs and challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all to healing and our programs are tailored to address your individual requirements, offering personalised treatment plans, tailored meal plans and genuine loving care.


We approach our guests with empathy, respect and understanding.  We provide a safe, nurturing and private environment where you will be fully supported throughout every step of your healing journey.


We believe in empowering our guests with knowledge and understanding.  We strive to educate guests on the principles of Ayurveda and how to incorporate them into their daily lives. Our Ayurvedic retreats include a comprehensive Ayurvedic lifestyle plan complete with daily routines, self-care practices and dietary and lifestyle recommendations so you continue your wellness journey long after you leave. We also provide a free, online foundational course in Ayurveda, should you wish to further your education.

Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments
Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments
Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments
Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments
Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments
Ayurveda Village Adelaide Hills Retreat Treatments